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Located at Savar near capital Dhaka, this national martyr’s monument is the symbol of independence of Bangladesh. This was designed by Syed Moinul Hossain

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Monument of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at Tungipara

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In a sleepy neighborhood on the outskirts of Dhaka stands an empty lot called the Jalladkhana — Bengali for “Butcher’s Den.” A courtyard, flanked by a red brick wall and lined with potted plants and marble plaques, leads to a small two-room building. Inside, it is quiet and tranquil; a few candles flicker. Kept there are tiny traces of an untold horror that took place nearly 40 years ago: a pair of broken spectacles, a sandal with its straps torn, human skulls and bones. (Read more in TIME Magazine)

(Image credit: Faizul Khan Tanim)

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  • Drawing and Paintings of Liberation War


    Sheikh Mujib and Bangladesh tied to one another

    (Image credit: Ujwala Prabhu from Flickr)

    The 1971 war of liberation is undoubtedly the most momentous even in the long history of the Bengalee nation. The war not only led to the creation of a new nation; it also helped forge a national identity, removing the barriers that hindered its cultural expressions. The victory against a colonial force meant rejuvenation and the renewal of the spirit of creativity, which lies at the root of all literary and cultural productions. It is not surprising therefore, that the war of liberation has such a prominent place in our art and literature. The post – 1971 art scene is one of great zest and creative upsurge – the impetus being provided by the war of liberation. From Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin to the young painters and sculptors of today, many of whom were born after the event, the war of liberation has proved to be a source of inspiration, providing them with an endless supply of themes and motifs. The album brings together reproductions of number of selected works by 24 artists, which have as their theme the war of liberation.

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    – S. Manzoorul Islam Art Critic and Professor of English University of Dhaka


    Murchona’s painting Gallery



    Slide show of paintings and the painter’s thoughts on the liberation war of Bangladesh:

    Slide show pictures credit -Bipro

    Other exhibitions:

    Draw me peace: Liberation war in the eyes of 6-7 years old (Click to view the gallery)

    Source: M. R. Jalal and NY Bangla

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