* List of Films on Librartion war (pdf file) *


# List of Videos available for free viewing online:

1 ) ABC News (11/30/1971): Village Massacre (2:41 Minutes)

Footage of the aftermath of a massacre in a village near Dhaka. 75 villagers – men, women, children – were killed by the Pakistani army. Many bodies were burned, women were raped, and babies were bayoneted before the village was burned.

2) Short video on Liberation War (6:26 Minutes)

History, Narration, Language: Bangla

History of Bangladesh Liberation war 1947-1971

History, Narration, language: English

The Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 – short history (9:58)

Presentation, Narration, English

3) Banglar Joy: part 1 (05:03 Minutes), part 2 (05:04 Minutes), part 3 (05:03 Minutes), part 4 (05:03 Minutes), part 05 (05:03 Minutes), part 06 (05:04 minutes).

Documentary related to the 1971 Genocide in Bangladesh committed by Pakistan Army and the Liberation Struggle of the Bangalee. This documentary was displayed in 2006 at the Mohan Bijoy Dibosh organozed by Probash Bangla, Vancouver, Canada.

Language: English

4) 7 March, 1971- Speech of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (10:52 Minutes)

Voice in Bangla; English subtitle

5) Sheikh mujib interview to foreign press (1:42 Minutes)

Voice in English

6) Declaration of independence by Ziaur Rahman (0:16 Minutes)

Ziaur Rahman clarifies the timing of the independence (1:10 Minutes)

7) ABC-CBS TV News Archive at Vanderbilt University (abstracts only)

8 ) Dhaka University Massacre : NBC News (2:25 Minutes)

Rare video footage of mass execution by Pak Army at University of Dhaka (1/7/1972)

9) Mass graves in Khulna: CBS News Report (2:04 Minutes)

Mass grave reporting from Khulna – broadcasted over CBS (2/2/1972)

10 ) Rape Victims: NBC News report (3:50 Minutes)

Mass rape by Pakistani Army and its aftermath: Social Rejection (2/20/1972)

11) Rajakar of Bangladesh (6:50 Minutes)

Video direction: MAI Roniee Voice : F Elahi Sajib
Script: Kamrul Hasan

12) Song of Bangladesh – Joan Baez (4:43 Minutes)

English Song

13) Joshor road – Mowshumi Bhowmik (8:11 Minutes)

Bengali Song

14) Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman:

15) The surrender (1:07 minutes)

Rare footage of the surrender of Pakistan troops (5:16 minutes)

16) Liberation of Bangladesh – Indian View: Part 1 (10:32 Minutes), Part 2 (10:33 Minutes)

17) 1971 India-Pakistan war (Western front): Part 1 (10:42 Minutes), Part 2 (10:02 Minutes)

18) March 23, 1971 (3:14 Minutes)

19) Birongona: the raped women of Bangladesh (1:35 Minutes)

Ladies who paid the price for the freedom

20) Refugees (0:50)

Millions of people fled from the Pakistani atrocities to India

21) Children in 1971 (1:27 Minutes)

Refugee camps in West Bengal buried thousands of children dying from thirst, hunger and malnutrition

22) Freedom fighters take oath for sovereign Bangladesh in the name of almighty Allah (1:25 Minutes)

23) Andre Malro, the French author is furious (1:06)

Andre Malro vowed to fight with the Bengalees against Pakistan

24) Denial of Genocide by General Rao Forman Ali, Military adviser to the Governor of East Pakistan (0:42 Minutes)

25) Lie (1:52)

Pakistani propaganda against the liberation of Bangladesh

26) Denial of War crime (2:40)

Jamaat-e-Islami denies their war crimes

27) Paksitani perspective: BBC Urdu- Hyderabad students remember 1971 (2:21 Minutes)

28) Paksitani perspective: BBC Urdu- Lahore students remember 1971 (2:25 Minutes)

29) Paksitani perspective: BBC URDU – Multan students remember 1971 (2:55 Minutes)

30) Indira Gandhi’s interview with the BBC (2:08)

Indian premier Indira Gandhi tells why India was supporting the cause of Bangladesh. “We allow a massacre to continue? The massacre began long before there was a single guerilla.”

31) Muktijoddhara – Killings of intellectuals on Dec 14, 1971: Part 1 (9:03 Minutes), Part 2 (9:14 Minutes), Part 3 (4:24 Minutes)

32) Bangladesh-71 (02:50 Minutes)

Footage from BTV documentary

33) Zaheer Raihan tells about Pakistanis propoganda (1:15 Minutes)

‘Stop Genocide’ famed prominent film director Zaheer Raihan describes the Pakistani propaganda of Bengalis killing non-Bengalis


34) Muktir Gaan (song of freedom): Part 1 (8:59 Minutes), Part 2 (8:59 Minutes), Part 3 (8:59 Minutes), Part 4 (8:59 Minutes), Part 5 (8:59 Minutes), Part 6 (8:59 Minutes), Part 7 (8:59 Minutes), Part 8 (8:59 Minutes), Part 9 (0:42 Minutes).

A film by Tarek and Catherine Masud using footage of Lier Levin on the war of independence in Bangladesh in 1971

Review: Song of freedom – an end to revisionist history – Naeem Mohaiemen

35) TV Spot Independence Day 2007 (1:30 Minutes)
English Subtitles

36) The true colours of RazakarsThe killing of intellectuals by Jamat-Shibir in 191(3:44 Minutes)

37) Drama “1971”Part 1 (7:56 Minutes), Part 2 (8:59 Minutes), Part 3 (3:50 Minutes), Part 4 (7:56 Minutes), Part 5 (6:17 Minutes), Part 6 (9:50 Minutes), Part 7 (2:34 Minutes), Part 8 (4:22 Minutes), Part 9 (7:02 Minutes), Part 10 (5:58 Minutes).

Humayun Ahmed’s drama “1971” staged during victory day 2006 organized by the Bangladesh Association of Greater Austin (BAGA)

38) George Harrison: Concert for Bangladesh (Full Album)

39) History of Bangladesh Independence (6:29 Minutes)

Narration, Bangla

40) Video of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s return to Bangladesh after 10 months of imprisonment in Pakistan.

NBC News (1/10/1972) Length: 4:21 minutes

41) Na Bola Kotha – Untold stories of Bangladeshi freedom fighters: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6.

Producer & Director – Azadul Haque

Language: Bangla

42) Muktijoddhara -Killings of Buddhijibees Dec 14, 1971 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Channel I documentary

Language: Bangla

43) Bangladesh genocide survivors speak out

An Al Jazeera exclusive (2:57 minutes)

It has been 37 years since Bangladesh won its independence, but the scars of its war with Pakistan remain. Al Jazeera’s Tony Birtley reports from Dhaka about the thousands of women and girls who were raped by Pakistani soldiers and their collaborators during the war of Liberation. Some victims of those attacks are finally starting to speak out about trauma which, up until now, has been largely ignored.

44) Eye Witness Account on Golam Azam’s Role in 1971-Interview of Suroj Miah YouTube-(4:06 Minutes)
Type: interview Language: Bangla

45) Liberation war Clips from ‘Ora Egarojon’ movie YouTube-(2:55 Minutes)

46) Footage of the liberation war of Bangladesh YouTube – (6:14 Minutes)
Type: Documentary Language: English

47) 1971 Muktijuddher Itihash by ATN (1-12 parts)

1971 ER DIN GULO – ATN BANGLA Exclusive YouTube- Part 1
Type: Documentary Language: Bangla

48) Learn all about the Razakars and War criminal – Omi Pial’s YouTube channel

49) 1971-Zulfikar Ali Bhutto using foul language against Bangladeshis
YouTube, News Clip, (2:04 minutes), English subtitle.

50) Song on Bangladesh 1971 War of Liberation: Muktijoddhara -Hyder Husyn
Youtube, Music Video, (4:32 minutes), Language Bangla.

51) NBC News (3/29/1971): Attack On Dhaka (3:48 Minutes)

NBC News report from 3/29/1971 shows a video taken from the Intercontinental Hotel in Dhaka on 3/26/1971 by a French video crew before they were expelled from Bangladesh by the Pakistan army. This is a rare smuggled video of the Pakistan army crackdown that launched 9 months of genocide in Bangladesh.

52) Major Khaled’s War: A documentary on the liberation war of 1971 by Granada TV, directed by Vanya Kewly. It is based on his 8 days stay with Khaled Mosharraf, the k-force chief, the shooting of the documentary was completed in June 1971.

Part 1 (13:42 minutes), Part 2 (13 minutes)

53) AL-BADR: A Killing Squad of Pakistan Army, 1971 (Full Documentary)

54) More videos:

* Razakars of Bangladesh East Pakistan 1971

* RARE Video of RAZAKAR’s statement On NIZAMI’s activities in 1971

Proprietary videos:

Look for them in video stores (Some videos were removed from YouTube).

1) Tale of the darkest night (40:32 Min)

25th March 1971 Atrocities in Dhaka University Campus, Bangladesh, Director Kawser Chowdhury


Kawsar searched out the witnesses, recorded their words and tears that were suppressed for so long. The film shows the true picture of the brutality of the Pakistani army that killed hundreds of unarmed and innocent university teachers, students, and stuff and their family. An Engineer, Mr. M. M. Hossain, was able to hear the exchange of wireless messages among the Pakistani troops busy in the rampage and massacre around the University of Dhaka. At the end of the blood-laden night, a responsible authority demanded the exact number of the dead, wounded, and taken into prison. ‘ Three hundred killed, over.’ This was the only answer the soldier could make.

2) Tears of Fire (30:52 Min)

Discussion, Interview, Narration

3) The Liberation Struggle of Bangladesh(মুক্তি সংগ্রামের ইতিহাস) (22:08 Minutes)

produced by Liberation Museum Direction: Tanvir Mokammel

History, Narration

4) Spartacas ’71 – Telefilm (1:00:40 Minutes)
Script: Anisul Haque
Direction: Mostofa Sarwar Farooqi

5) Dateline Bangladesh -Gita Mehta
A compilation of the Bangladesh revolution, it was shown in cinema theatres both in India and abroad.

6) Nine Months to Freedom: The Story of Bangladesh – Directed by S. Sukhdev
A special documentary on the refugee camps set up at the no man’s land (Bangladesh-India border) during our Liberation War. The documentary depicts the plight of eight hundred thousand Bengali refugees and tells of the East Pakistan war between Pakistan and the freedom fighters of Bangladesh helped by the Indian army, leading to the creation of the free state Bangladesh.

7) Ekush Shotoke Bangladesh (একুশ শতকে বাংলাদেশ) – International Historical Network
The documentary is based on the book “Ekush Shotoke Bangali” by Shirajul Alam and speaks about the history of Bengalis, the aboriginal people of Bengal and its later inhabitants.

8 ) Stop Genocide – a documentary by Zahir Raihan (19:30 minutes)

Stop Genocide depicts the oppression, of the Pakistani Military, the plight of the refugees and the heroic struggle of freedom fighters. It is made from the footage Zahir took completely out of the editing table.

Credit: Keans University, YouTube, M. R. Jalal, Banglar Gallery, Rayhan Rashid