Martyred Intellectuals

“……It is now known that on Sunday December 12, as the Indian columns were closing on Dacca….a group of senior Pak army officers and their civilian counterparts met in the city’s Presidential residence. They put together the names of 250 peoples to be arrested and killed, including the cream of Dacca’s professional circles not already liquidated during the civil war. Their arrests were made on Monday and Tuesday by marked bands of extreme right-wing Muslims belonging to an organization called the Al-Badar Razakar…Only hours before the official surrender was signed (on 16th), the victims were taken in groups to the outskirts of the city……where they were summarily executed…….. The Times, December 23, 1971


Brigadiar Kasem and Captain Kayum were the two key officers in the Pakistan army who coordinated the killings of the intellectuals. They had a meeting with Moulana Abdul Mannan then president of the Madrasah Teachers’ Association sometime in November at Mannan’s residence. This might have been the meeting when the slaughter of the intellectuals were planned.

According to the confession of one Mofizuddin (driver of the vehicle of death), Ashrafuzzaman Khan, head of the Queens (New York) branch of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and ex-member of the Central Committee of the Islami Chhatra Sangha and an ex-employee of Radio Pakistan shot seven teachers with his own hands. As a result of Mofizuddin’s confession, the decomposed bodies of these unfortunate teachers were recovered from the marshes of Rayer Bazar and the mass grave at Shiyal Bari at Mirpur. There was a list of 20 teachers and many other Bangladeshis in his diary. His diary included a list of 16 of the Dhaka University teachers who collaborated with the Pakistanis.

Martyred Intellectuals:

Dhaka University Teachers

* A. N. M. Munier Choudhury
* Dr. G.C. Dev
* Muffazzal Hyder Chowdhury
* Anwar Pasa
* Jyotimay Guhathakurta
* Abdul Muqtadir
* S. M. Rashidul Hasan
intellectuals1.jpg* Dr. A.N.M. Faizul Mahi
* Fazlur Rahman Khan
* A.N.M. Maniruzzaman
* Dr. Serajul Haque Khan
* Dr. Shahadat Ali
* Dr. M.A. Khair
* A.R. Khan Kadim
* Muhammad Sadeque
* Sharafat Ali
* Ghiasuddin Ahamed
* Ananda Payan

Rajshahi University Teachers

* Prof. Qayyum
* Habubur Rahman
* Shree Sukha Ranjan Samadder

Names of M.C.A.s

* Mashiur Rahman
* Amjad Hossain
* Aminuddin
* Nazmul Haque Sarker
* Abdul Haque
* Syed Anwar Ali
* A.K. Sarder

Names of Journalists

intellectuals.jpg* Sirajuddin Hossain
* Shahidulla Kaiser
* Khondakar Abu Taleb
* Nizamuddin Ahmed
* A.N.M. Golam Mustofa
* Shahid Saber
* Sk. Abdul Mannan(Ladu)
* Nazmul Haque
* M. Akhter
* Abul Basar
* Chisty Helalur Rahman
* Shibsadan Chakravarty
* Selina Akhter

Names of Physicians

* Md. Fazle Rabbi
* Abdul Alim Chowdhury
* Shamsuddin Ahmed
* Azharul Haque
* Humayun Kabir
* Sulaiman Khan
* Kaiser Uddin
* Mansur Ali
* Ghulam Murtaza
* Hafez Uddin Khan Jahangir
* Abdul Jabbar
* S.K. Lal
* Hem Chandra Basak
* Kazi Obaidul Haq
* Mrs. Ayesaha Bedoura Chowdhury
* Al-Haj Mamotazuddin
* Hashimoy Hazra
* Naren Ghose
* Zikrul Haq
* Shamsul Haq
* M. Rahman
* A. Gafur
* Mansur Ali
* S.K. Sen
* Mafizuddin
* Amulya Kumar Chakravarty
* Atiqur Rahman
* Ghulam Sarwar
* R. C. Das
* Mihir Kumar Sen
* Saleh Ahmed
* Anil Kumar Sinha
* Sunil Chandra Sharma
* A.K.M. Ghulam Mustafa
intellectuals3.jpg* Maqbul Ahmed
* Enamul Haq
* Mansur(Kanu)
* Ashraf Ali Talukdar
* Lt. Ziaur Rahman
* Lt. Col. Jahangir
* Badul Alam
* Lt. Col Hai
* Maj. Rezaur Rahman
* Maj. Nazmul Islam
* Asadul Haq
* Nazir Uddin
* Lt. Nurul Islam
* Kazal Bhadra
* Mansur Uddin

Names of Educationists

* Zahir Raihan
* Purnendu Dastidar
* Ferdous Dowla
* Indu Saha
* Meherunnessa

Names of Artists, Professionals, etc.:

* Altaf Mahmud
* Danbir Ranada Prasad Saha
* Jogesh Chandra Ghose
* Dhirendra Nath Dutta
* Shamsuzzaman
* Mahbub Ahmed
* Khurshid Alam
* Nazrul Islam
* Muzammel Haq Chowdhury
* Mohsin Ali
* Mujibul Haq

Source: “Onslaugth on Intellect and Intelligentsia” by late Nurul Islam Patwari published in BANGLADESH: A Souvenir on the First Anniversary of Victory Day, December 16, 1972

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    Killing of intellectuals

    Credit: Muktadhara,, Bangladesh 1971

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