Agratala Conspiracy case withdrawn, Mass uprising of 1969 begins, Yahya Khan in Power

January – February 1969

Violence breaks out between people demonstrating against Ayub Khan’s martial law regime and the police.

The Agartala Conspiracy Case is withdrawn, and Sheikh Mujib is released, at the insistence of some of the West Pakistani leaders meeting with Ayub Khan in a round table discussion for restoring peace.

Ayub Khan hands over power to General Yahya Khan; martial law is imposed for the second time. Yahya Khan promises to return power to people’s representatives (March 25-26, 1969).

The deaths of student leader Asad and a high-school student Matiur Rahman give rise to the Mass Uprising of 1969 (gana-abhyuththaan)

Sergeant Zahurul Haq, one of the 35 accused in the Agartala Conspiracy Case, is shot dead while in military custody at the Dhaka Cantonment (February 15).

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