The second India-Pakistan War breaks out over Kashmir

September, 1965

The second India-Pakistan War breaks out over Kashmir.

Political discontent, especially in the much neglected East Pakistan, resurfaces in the aftermath of the war.

“East Pakistan contributed to the development of West Pakistan to the extent that, during the last fifteen years, East Pakistan has been drained out of one thousand crores of rupees of its solid assets by way of less imports and more exports. With that, Sir, West Pakistan was developed and these million acres have been created. These big people talk so loudly: ‘leave East Pakistan out, we can maintain ourselves…’ Today is the sixteenth year we have been reduced to paupers to build West Pakistan; we are told ‘get out boys, we have nothing for you, we do not require you.’” — Mahbubul Haq, a member of the National Assembly, c. 1964